Find Twitter accounts near you: 2 quick and simple ways!

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Most often we resort to Twitter to find influencers and professionals near us to get our work done. When you’re using Twitter to find Twitter accounts near you, there are several ways how you can make the search more meaningful and useful.

Finding Twitter accounts near you is also helpful when you are especially looking to hire and collaborate or are looking for a target audience for your store. Many times, local businesses follow all accounts near them to increase their exposure to people around them. In this article, we will look at two good and easy ways to find Twitter accounts near you immediately.

Use the “Near You” feature on Twitter:

Twitter app/website has an inbuilt feature that allows you to find Twitter accounts close to you. Here’s how to use it:

  • Go to Twitter, and on the search bar at the top, type your search term. To search for accounts, click on the “People” tab at the top.
  • Once Twitter displays your search results, you will see an option “Near you” under “Location” on the right.
  • On clicking near you, Twitter will display all results relevant to the keyword near you.
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If you want to follow a huge number of accounts near you without much criteria then this would be the fastest way to get it done.

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Use Circleboom’s Smart Search feature:

  • Login to the Circleboom app and on the Circleboom menu, click on “Search” -> “Smart Search.”
  • Enter your keyword in the search box.
  • Enter additional filters like number of followers, ignore fake accounts, show verified accounts, etc.
  • Now, to find Twitter accounts near you, enter the city or location according to your requirement. This will filter results based on the location selected by you.
  • Once added, click on “Search” to quickly filter your results.

If you want your search results to be more focused on other metrics like number of followers, verified accounts, specific cities, then using Circleboom’s smart search feature is a better option. With the smart search, you can pinpoint accounts that you would like to follow by using all the relevant filters.

Here’s how to use the smart search feature:

Pro tip: This process works the same as Twitter but it allows you to sort later unlike Twitter. You can sort the list by follower numbers, number of tweets, account creation date, and more. On Twitter, you don’t have this feature and you have to open every account to know more about it.

Final Words:

We hope you found the methods above simple enough to find Twitter accounts near you. You can use the Circleboom feature for free if you wish to try before you take the final call.

Get organized and grow on Twitter with simple tricks and methods like above. We have many other quality articles to help you find your way through Twitter if you’re stuck somewhere. So, check out some of these articles and let them make your Twitter even better.

Originally published at on August 6, 2020.

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