Delete tweets in bulk without losing your top tweets!

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delete tweets in bulk
How to delete tweets in bulk without losing your top tweets is not a question anymore!

Delete tweets in bulk may seem a tricky process to overcome. However, it is quite a regular thing for any Twitter user to control their Twitter account fully.

Many of us may have some radical transformations in our personal lives and careers and need to have a fresh beginning. Though the reasons for deleting tweets differ, the procedure is the same.

Twitter is a dynamic platform rolling out new features every year as many other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. For instance, they have recently announced the return of Twitter verification to the public. Further, paid features of Twitter, Super Follows, and Twitter Spaces are also announced to be rolled out for the incoming month.

Mass delete tweets can be a live saver for you if you want to get verified on Twitter in such an evolving social atmosphere. Because the new Twitter verification system will be automated within the strictly updated Twitter rules. As a result of this, you may wonder how to delete tweets in bulk.

If you made a quick search on the web, you would be aware that there is no way to save your top tweets while deleting your tweets in bulk, almost. With Circleboom, there is a way. Yes! You can save your top tweets with Circleboom while deleting others in bulk.

How to Delete tweets in bulk without losing your top ones

Before beginning, you have to download your Twitter archive.

Download the Twitter archive first

Step #1: On your Twitter homepage, click on the “More” menu on the left hand. After that, click on “Setting and Privacy” to open the next window.

Then, under the “Data and permissions”, click on “Your Twitter Data”.

Step #2: Here, you will need to enter your Twitter password and confirm. Then, on the opening window, click on “Request archive”.

Once you successfully requested your Twitter archive, Twitter will send it to your e-mail address registered on the system as a ZIP file. It will be ready within 24 hours.

Step #3: Once it is ready to download, you will receive an e-mail from Twitter.

Just follow the instructions on the e-mail to download your Twitter archive.

Now, it is time to delete tweets in bulk without losing the top ones!

Step #1: First, find and extract your Twitter archive file.

After that, right-click on the “tweet.js” file and open it with Notepad.

Step #2: Now, go back to find your Twitter profile and find your top tweets “URLs”.

Once you find your top tweet’s URL, copy it and find it on your “tweet.js” file with “CTRL + F” search.

Step #3: Once you find your top tweet’s URL on your Twitter archive file, spoil the URL number and via changing a number in it.

Now, do this process for all the tweets that you don’t want to delete in bulk. Once it is done, please save the file be ready to upload it to Circleboom.

Note: Herein, since you spoiled registered URL numbers of your top tweets on your Twitter archives, these tweets cannot be deleted while deleting your Twitter archives in Circleboom.

Step #4: Authenticate your Twitter account with Circleboom.

It would take a few steps, and it will be done automatically. No password or additional account is needed!

Delete tweets in bulk

Step #5: Once logged in to the Circleboom dashboard, find the left-hand menu and select “My Tweets” and “Delete Twitter Archive”, respectively.

Then you will be moved to another page where you can upload your Twitter archive file.

Delete tweets in bulk

Step #6: Next, you will find the page to upload your saved Twitter archive.

To upload your Twitter archive, click on “Start here” and upload your Twitter archive file here.

Delete tweets in bulk

Step #7: Further, to mass delete tweets you want to, you can all use specific filters of Circleboom.

You can start with selecting “delete all tweets”, “delete all replies”, and “delete all retweets”. If you want more filters, you can click on the drop-down menu to get more options to filter before delete tweets in bulk.

Delete tweets in bulk

Once you are done, click the red “Delete My Archive” button at the bottom and delete tweets in bulk without losing your top ones! That’s it!

If you would like to follow these told steps on our hands-on video, here it goes:

Wrapping Up

With Circleboom, how to mass delete tweets is not a problem anymore. You can handle that and mass delete tweets easily without spending plenty of time and effort.

Further, if you are looking for a smart, automated Twitter management tool, Circleboom is an excellent choice for you.

You can find the best user analytics data for your Twitter account on Circleboom User Analytics. Analyzing your analytics will help you decide how to create your tweets and interact with your target audience.

Circleboom fully guarantees your account security during service. Don’t forget that many third-party tools provide services to delete tweets in bulk, but they cannot claim higher security. That’s why Circleboom preferred many international cooperate companies around the world.

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