Clubhouse Marketing: How to use Clubhouse for business

Clubhouse Marketing

Clubhouse is an effective marketing platform to promote your business. Wondering how to market your business using Clubhouse? Read on to know what Clubhouse is and what it holds for your business.

In the 21st century, marketing is as crucial to any brand as water is to living things. Without marketing, no one will notice your brand even if your company is selling the best product.

For new startups or even for established businesses, it is essential for every marketer nowadays to explain why their product is best for customers and what is unique about them. Good marketing boosts the customer base and successfully lifts your brand among competitors.

However, marketing is not easy in this era where there are a lot of competitors. And mainly, everyone is using the same strategy, i.e., social media marketing strategy. Your competitors or probably you are using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many other apps like this for brand awareness and marketing. What difference are you making?

To stand among your competitors, you have to go the extra mile. Let your guards down. We here present a unique and effective platform for marketing, i.e., Clubhouse App.

What is Clubhouse?

It is a social media platform that allows users to interact with each other in a virtual room through audio. Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, who previously worked at Google, launched it by March 2020. Initially, it was accessible to top-profile celebrities.

Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and Drake are included in one of its pioneer users. Recently, it became accessible to a wide audience, as it allows its users to invite two people to the app. As a result, it contains more than 10 million users today.

If you are not an iPhone user, it’s probably the right time to buy an iPhone as only iPhone users can access this mysterious app. And you can only join the Clubhouse App if you get invited by anyone having a Clubhouse membership. Now, when most users have access to it, marketers are trying their best to promote their business through Clubhouse marketing.

How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse marketing holds great potential to promote your business online. To market your business, you need to understand how Clubhouse and further, Clubhouse marketing works. It doesn’t allow any visual and written communication like Facebook, Twitter, which makes it unique.

There are virtual rooms in the Clubhouse App that supports communication between different users through audio streaming. It’s like an audio zoom meeting. A person who launched the room is the moderator and can invite his followers to the room.

It’s a virtual meeting room where moderators can control who will speak on the stage. If the attendants in a meeting want to say something, they just need to raise their hands. Moderators, then, decide if they invite the hand raiser to stage or ignore it.

Besides virtual rooms, you can also join clubs and follow persons. A club is a group where different users of common interests, hobbies or professions are present.

How to use Clubhouse for Business

As said earlier, the Clubhouse App is an audio streaming-based platform. To promote your business and make people aware of it, you can join different clubs and virtual rooms.

Then, when you get the chance to come on the virtual stage, avail the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business briefly but effectively. Tell the audience about your brand and business, tell them why your business matters for them and what is unique about it.

All of the communication would be through voice rather than writing and visuals, which adds a lot to successful marketing. You will communicate with people through live sessions just like a zoom meeting answers their queries directly. It will help you convince your audience to turn into customers.

And people having problems looking into the eyes of the audience are also going to get a great benefit from this amazing app. Moreover, communication through spoken words creates empathy between listener and speaker, resulting in a high chance of bringing customers.

There are some steps and tips that will let you know how to use the clubhouse for business. Here it goes:

Create your account on Clubhouse

Firstly you need to create your account on the Clubhouse App. But, it’s not simple as it seems to be. You really have to put in an effort in order to get this task done.

Unfortunately, it is your bad luck if you are an android user. For companies and brands, they need to buy their marketing team iPhone. Secondly, ask any Clubhouse member to invite you. You can also reserve your seat by signing in.

Follow rooms people and Clubs

Targeting the right audience is the most effective part of successful Clubhouse marketing. For finding your right audience, choose the rooms and people very carefully you are going to follow.

If you are a new user, the app will show you a list of trending rooms and people from your phone contacts. If you are already a user of this app, you are going to see a list of rooms and people you follow.

In different rooms, you are going to notice different people having different ideas and interests. You may also see a room hosted by a particular cub. Get the info of that club by tapping the green house icon. If it matches your interest, follow the club. You can also search Clubs of your interest by using search explorer on the main tab.

If you are impressed by a speaker in a room and want to follow him/her to get the notification, here is the tip. While in a room, the first row of the members showing on your screen are speakers, the second row includes users followed by speakers, and the third row mentions the audience.

Getting the chance to speak in the right room and club would get you an opportunity to promote your business in front of the right audience.

Grow your following in the Clubhouse App

To enhance your following, you will need to stay active on the Clubhouse App. Also, do consider coming up on stage if you really want to get noticed. It’s hard to get noticed in rooms with a large number of people. However, you are likely to be invited on stage in rooms with fewer members. So always tend to follow a room with fewer people. Whenever you get a chance to speak, show your marketing skills and turn the audience into customers.

You can also start a new room and host a club for your brand awareness and recognition. But whenever you do that, collaborate with professionals in the same industry having more followers. Don’t speak alone on stage. Invite them to join your conversation. Eventually, this will lead your brand to get noticed by its followers.

Pros of Clubhouse marketing

You might be wondering, does promote your brand in Clubhouse will get any fruitful results? I can understand your concerns, and it’s so natural. We all get a little bit scared when we try something new. But to boost your enthusiasm, we are going to share with you some examples of successful people who had the audacity to speak about their brand on stage. So here it goes:

A brand named bite toothpaste sponsored a room, and the CEO of the company shared his success story. And you know what happened? The brand made 30 new customers at the end of the room meeting.

Here’s a similar example of a property attorney. In the startup room, she addresses queries of people present in the room. When the room meeting ended, she had already gathered 20 new clients. So, what are you waiting for?

Helps brand to build trust and community

The pandemic has really hit us hard. Now people are attracted to the companies and brands who care about them and give them some value, especially online.

Clubhouse lets you connect with different celebrities and professionals of the same industry to build community and earn credibility. Addressing people’s queries in a live interactive session will make them understand that you care about their concerns. It helps develop bonds of trust among the general audience.

People likes online audio sessions

In the time of pandemic when we all were stuck in our homes, we turned to screens of mobile devices, laptops and TVs. And it caused screen fatigue, as staring at a screen for long is not good for the health of your eyes.

But the Clubhouse offers live audio streaming. It allows your audience to listen and solve their queries about your brand literally while doing workouts or washing dishes. It also doesn’t restrict them to stare at the screen during meetings.

Cons of Clubhouse marketing

Clubhouse still has a limited audience. It’s only available to iPhone users that limits its audience. But there is a possibility that it will be available for android iPhone users as well. Until then, you can build your name and community to hit a large audience when others get access to it. Let’s hope to have the Android version soon.

The other major con of it is brand vulnerability. Literally, anyone from the audience can ask any unexpected question. And since it’s a live session, you promptly need to answer it rightly. It offers an unfiltered audio live streaming that people can record with other third-party apps. So a marketer needs to remain calm and hold his nerves together during a session.


Clubhouse offers audio live streaming sessions just like a zoom meeting or a podcast. The difference is only that it’s not available after the session has ended. It holds great potential for marketing brands and companies. It helps brands build trust and community. But the audience is still limited, and brands seem more vulnerable to unfiltered questions.

Originally published at on March 25, 2021.



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