Circleboom Publish: Manage all social media in one place!

8 min readAug 25, 2021
Manage all social media in one place

We launched a new publishing tool, Circleboom Publish!

Circleboom now supports all major social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business (and Pinterest soon).

Circleboom has started its journey with the mission in mind to boom your social circle in 2019.

As one of the most intuitive Twitter management tools (how our users prefer to call us), we are now launching an all-in-one social media scheduler to enable you to manage all social media in one place!

Circleboom Publish aims to provide state-of-art software capable of managing different social media accounts in one place with additional amazing features like built-in content design, content curation, automation, and of course, post scheduling.

We believe that any social media account can grow beyond its owner’s expectations if handled with the right tools. Here is how we create easy-to-use, genuine social media tools for our users.

How we Design and Create Products

1. Keep it simple

We’re fond of the Pareto’s Principle (80/20 rule)! Our first rule is “create features will be used,” hence we do not add any sophisticated features that most of our users are not using but paying for them.

2. Intuitive Design

By keeping everything simple, we achieve creating intuitive designs. We design our products that our users would use without any education, and they’d know what to do as soon as they logged in.

3. Lagom är bäst *

We develop the right feature sets to be used by most social media users. So, you pay for just what you need!
Just the right amount is best. (in Swedish)*

Circleboom Publish and Scheduler

Our purpose here is to help all businesses, particularly entrepreneurs, SMBs, and local businesses, when managing their social media accounts to drive more traffic, improve brand awareness and ultimately have more conversions and engagements.

We thought offering to manage all social media from one place is not about making the content sharing process more convenient.

It is also about helping businesses create content, easing the design process, improving methods for managing social media calendars.

That is why Circleboom Publish offers a single dashboard to Design, Plan, Automate and post your content.

And what is more here, hold on:

You can and will pay for the features you use; hence, you will choose the plan specific to your business needs.

The Challenge in the Market

While social media management is a niche market, several platforms around common functions are on the table. The challenge was to offer management and publish tools in the best possible way without overwhelming the user experience and overuse of functions.

And do what is expected from a social management publisher effectively and attractively. In this competitor analysis process, we have seen that some tools offer limited functions and do not appeal to the complex demands of the business.

Further, some complex functions and interfaces can intimidate the average user or SME owner or solo workers if they are not dealing with social media tools for a living.

Thus, we aspired to find the correct mix of those.

And we did!

Circleboom’s Approach to the Challenge Faced: Make it Easier and Better!

Along with our Twitter scheduler in the market tool, we have seen that our users- mostly business owners running company pages on multiple platforms and desperately wish for a single dashboard to manage all social media in one place.

Revisiting the most prominent needs:

  • Our customers need a single place to manage all social media accounts — to schedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business and Pinterest.
  • Our users do not want to feel overwhelmed by too many functions, tabs, interfaces, complicated analytics graphs or tools.
  • Even if they want those sophisticated features, they want them on a reasonable budget.
  • Our users also need help creating and designing content visuals or videos before the publishing step.
  • They also need help with content ideas in the long run.
  • They want to do all of them with easy signing in and out.
  • And they want a reliable partner on their quest to success.

And we are offering them all.

All of them are in a single dashboard to manage all your social media accounts in one place.

Different social media scheduler tools to schedule posts are no more needed.

With Circleboom Publish, you can design, schedule, and post in one place including, Twitter Scheduler, Facebook Post scheduler, LinkedIn Post Scheduler, and Google My Business Scheduler.

The neat design of Circleboom Publish will seem familiar to all of us and make it easy to manage all social media in one place!
The neat design of Circleboom Publish will seem familiar to all of us!

Social Media Post Design!

Acknowledging the importance of visuals and video content and observing the market on photo/video editing tools, we accepted that posting without engaging design will be in vain.

And here, distinguishing ourselves from other social media publisher tools, we integrated Canva, GIPHY, and Unsplash social media post design tools into our post creation dashboard.

Design your options with Canva, Unsplash, Giphy and manage all social media in one place
Design your options with Canva, Unsplash, Giphy.

No need to shuttle between platforms, change tabs or redirected URLs to design your content.

If you have accounts on these platforms, sign in for once and edit them as built-in tools without any reconnection step.

While almost no other social media management tool offers a post designing option, Circleboom Publish is an all-in-one social media management tool collaborated with one of the most preferred social media content creation tools, Canva, and made your lives easier with this giant step!

Click on the Canva icon, design your post within the Circleboom Publish dashboard!
Click on the Canva icon, design your post within the Circleboom Publish dashboard!

Curate Content for Social Media!

As promised, Circleboom is here to help you out in discovering new content. From thousands of different categories, we have curated thousands of blogs and news sites for you.

And now, the “Discover Article” tool of our Tweet scheduler now available for all social media platforms.

Each social media platform has different dynamics.

If you need to schedule posts on LinkedIn, article curation can create an immense effect once you choose the right interest areas and choose the most promising article to add to your queue.

Finding content and auto posting them have never been that easy!
Finding content and auto posting them have never been that easy!

(Yes, Circleboom Publish, as a social media scheduler, offers auto-posting multiple content in a row with the “Add to my Queue” feature, which we will explain next)

Plan Social Media Posts!

If you have ever looked at Facebook publishing tools — including Facebook creator studio or similar tools to schedule posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter and Pinterest you are probably enticed by the idea of scheduling posts for a future date.

You have it with Circleboom Publish. But…

What if we say that you can do it automatically in bulks?


  • Circleboom users can schedule their posts in advance by selecting the time and date for each post.
  • Or, they can choose the “Add to my Queue” option after creating their posts on the “Create a Post” tab, selecting multiple articles on the “Discover Article” tab, and connecting their RSS feed URLs and.
Add RSS feed of your website or favorite blogs, manage auto post settings, add starting and ending texts. That’s it!

Schedule, Automate and Forget!

Are you opting for the time to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and tired of using different tweet schedulers, Facebook publishing tools, and even having a hard time finding Google My Business scheduler (and pins on Pinterest)?

The time has arrived. And for all.

Schedule and automate posts on the Circleboom Publish for days and even weeks ahead if it is what you need.

  • Scheduling posts is a breeze. Select the day from the calendar and choose the exact time. Then, click on “Schedule It,” and the rest is our business.
  • Automating content is not further than a few clicks. First, click on Add to my queue, then go to Queue settings, select intervals that you want your posts to be automatically published and then forget it!
Schedule posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business and Pinterest!
Schedule posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business and Pinterest!

This feature applies to posts created, articles selected, or RSS feeds added.

  • Most importantly, you can add multiple accounts from one platform, you can add different accounts from different platforms, and when it is time to post or schedule, you can select them by Groups you named or by platform (You can add five accounts in Pro Plan).
Circleboom Publish users schedule posts on multiple accounts and group them if they need.
Circleboom Publish users schedule posts on multiple accounts and group them if they need.

Remember our promise: You will manage all social media in one place!

Committing that already, we have taken it one step further.

  • You can design your content
  • Find new content,
  • Write your captions on the same page
  • Schedule for a specific day and time or leave it to us and Automate posts (We mean real automation here, you can add 800 items to the queue in Corporate Plan!)

on Circleboom Publish!

Are you opting for better results? Then, join Circleboomers to expand your business!

We are not tooting our own horn here. What we do better is clear and let us highlight what distinguish us once more:

1. Manage all of your company’s social media accounts in one place.

2. Start with designing and editing visuals and videos on the same page.

3. When you are stuck with finding content ideas, we got your back. Look at article curation, RSS feeds, select your interest areas based on your niche, and trust the system here!

4. Boost your social media plan with professionally edited visuals, well-researched information sources, power of consistency with automation!

5. Select the plan based on your needs and pay for only the selected features.

6. Do not spend time configuring complex analytics codes or software installations. Follow your instincts! Circleboom Publish is as intuitive as your scroll!

Important Notice:

Existing Circleboomers have to create a new Circleboom account from the new login Circleboom login page.

So, we no longer support social (Twitter) sign-on. That’s all! You create a new user and log in with it, we’ll get you to your Twitter account’s dashboard as it before.

The results

Circleboom is predominantly preferred by SMBs, entrepreneurs and local businesses when pivoting their business for a scale-up.

At the same time, our Business and Corporate Plans are tailored to large-scale corporations and agencies to meet their demanding needs.

Our client list includes brands like Netflix, Red Cross, Unicef, Roche and many other world-renowned corporations and NPOs.

Join them now!

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