Can’t add Music on an Instagram Story? Follow these steps — Circleboom Blog

Adding Music on an Instagram Story with the Music Icon:

This is the simplest way to add music to any Instagram story. However, this requires a music feature which might not be available in all the countries. Currently, the music feature is available in the following countries:

Adding Music to an Instagram Story using 3rd-party Apps:

There are several third-party apps available that allow you to create stories by adding multiple pictures, edit your videos, and add music to it. I believe this is the best way if you can’t add a music sticker in your story. Also, the editing capabilities of these apps allow you to be more creative with your Instagram stories.

Sharing Music to your Instagram Story from Spotify:

Do you want to share music on Instagram story like your friends do? Sharing from Spotify is really easy.

  • Click on the Share icon and select Instagram stories.


We hope that the methods above will make adding music to your Instagram stories easy and fun. So, go ahead and try in on your phones. If you have any questions or issues doing it, share it with us in the comments below.



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