Can Mass Follow/Unfollow on Twitter Result in Twitter Suspension?

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How many of you practice mass follow/unfollow on Twitter to grow your Twitter account? It has become a general practice followed over the years to grow the follower and following numbers of any Twitter account.

Many Twitter accounts have grown their accounts to thousands of followers by simply following follow and unfollow. Such Twitter users decide to follow hundreds of Twitter accounts. On the basis of the accounts returning their follows, they unfollow several accounts. By doing this repeatedly, they are increasing their follower numbers. They are also maintaining their following numbers by unfollowing those who don’t follow back.

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Twitter has taken several steps to prevent accounts from practicing aggressive mass follow/unfollow on their accounts. Let’s look at the steps taken by Twitter and how to manage your account followers without violating any Twitter rules.

Steps Taken by Twitter to Reduce Aggressive Following and Unfollowing:

· Twitter has cut off API access to several tools this year:

On January 2019, Twitter ceased functionalities of apps like ManageFlitter, Crowdfire, and Statusbrew. The major reason was to prevent these apps from allowing mass follow/unfollow or any automation on the platform. Twitter took this step to prevent Twitter users from engaging in spammy activities.

· Twitter has been suspending millions of Twitter accounts:

Twitter clearly states that:

You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of spamming anyone. Spam is generally defined on Twitter as bulk or aggressive activity that attempts to manipulate or disrupt Twitter or the experience of users on Twitter to drive traffic or attention to unrelated accounts, products, services, or initiatives. Some of the factors that we take into account when determining what conduct is considered to be spamming include if you have followed and/or unfollowed a large number of accounts in a short time period, particularly by automated means (aggressive following or follower churn).

Within a span of year. Twitter has been suspending and even permanently banning accounts that violate any of the Twitter policies.

How to Follow/Unfollow on Twitter without Getting Banned?

Using tools like Circleboom that strictly follow Twitter rules can work in great favor for you while managing your Twitter account. Here’s how Circleboom can help you:

  • Circleboom is a fully compliant Twitter tool as it does not engage in any aggressive/bulk processes or automation. Circleboom has so far passed all the strict policies of Twitter and they hope to continue it for the years to come.
  • Circleboom’s unfollow process has amazing filters that help you select if you want to avoid unfollowing accounts you followed within a recent time frame. You can also check for all the accounts’ profile information of a user before unfollowing them.
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  • Their Twitter follow feature allows you to follow people within any geography and niche with their hashtag and smart search. You can easily follow accounts who tweet on particular topics or belong to a particular location.
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Final Words:

Using reliable tools like Circleboom to manage your Twitter account will always make sure that your account is at no risk. Twitter is not against following and unfollowing, but just the excessive usage of it limits the purpose of the platform.

I hope you will be careful while managing your Twitter account. You can also refer to our blogs or FAQs if you have any questions related to Circleboom. If you’ve any additional queries or comments, you can share them below.

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Originally published at on March 25, 2019.

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