All you need to know about professional Twitter accounts in advance!

Twitter is such a place that satisfies many purposes for its users. The formation and features of Twitter have made this place a powerful virtual area in which users can connect any local, global accounts, celebrities, politicians, brands, etc.

It opens highly dynamic opportunities for the companies to market their products and service.

Recently, it has been reported that there are 211 million global monetizable daily active users on Twitter.

Hence, it is crucial for businesses to exist on Twitter and build effective social media strategies to empower their brand.

Also, Twitter has been developing particular features that address businesses’ social media marketing needs.

The professional Twitter account is one of the noteful features of Twitter.

What is a professional Twitter account?

Twitter describes the professionals as;

Creators, publishers, businesses, nonprofits, developers — anyone who comes to Twitter to do business.

Twitter allocates for businesses, creators, nonprofits, etc., a zone where they can display their products, content, campaigns, and services straightforwardly on Twitter.

Why is a professional Twitter account beneficial?

One of the fundamental characteristics of Twitter is to allow users to access and involve in engagement with the other users. It can be companies, celebrities, influencers, and politicians other than users in the inner social circle.

Since people speak of the companies, communicate with organizations, and the other users on Twitter, it is significant to generate a proper business account.

You show that your brand’s account is trustworthy and credible to be contacted, that your account does business here, and that the audience can interact with your brand.

Businesses can easily follow how Twitter users react to and comment on the products, services, and campaigns.

It is the transformation of a regular Twitter account into a professional one. There are additional features that the standard Twitter account does not have and use.

Having a professional Twitter account also brings a professional profile.

Professional users can exhibit their profiles differently from the other regular profiles. Your professional profile would appear as one-of-a-kind.

Those with a professional profile can put detailed information about their business or organization immediately on their profiles.

Two features occur with a professional profile:

1. Professional Category

It points to a sign on your profile. It shows in which way your profile counts as professional.

2. Professional Profile Modules

You can show highlighted information about your brand in an arranged area on your profile. There are three modules that a professional Twitter account is allocated.

The About Module

You can create a section to submit the business location, hours of operation, and contact information.

Users can click on the map and get directions to the place of the business. It is not necessary to put open hours on the about module. However, you might want to specify the visiting time.

Contact information can include email, phone calls, Twitter direct messages, and text messages.

The Shop Module

It is a space in which professional accounts can exhibit their products. Users do not have to leave Twitter’s page.

The Newsletter Module

Twitter and Revue build a partnership through which Twitter users can subscribe to a professional profile newsletter.

With Circleboom’s post RSS feeds to social media feature, you can connect the website you want to be visited by the audience to the RSS feeds, which will be published as social media posts on Twitter.

You do not have to publish content from the relevant resource as a social media post manually on Twitter.

Conditions of Eligibility

Twitter puts some eligibility requirements to convert the regular Twitter account into a professional Twitter account.

  • Your account must not lack an account name, a bio, or a profile picture.
  • Your past activities and engagements on Twitter must not breach the Twitter User Agreement.
  • Your genuine identity must appear as it exists on your profile. There must not be another identity of a person, business, brand, organization, etc., in your profile. You must not use a fake identity that misleads other people.
  • Profiles must not belong to fictional characters or animals. If a fictional character or animal is associated with your organization or brand, it is possible that the profile can involve them.
  • Parody and fan profiles cannot have a professional Twitter account.

How to create a professional Twitter account?

At first, businesses had to receive an invitation from Twitter to become professional Twitter account.

Then, the procedure has been done by applying for a professional Twitter account through a form. After nominating your account for a professional one, you needed to wait to get approval from Twitter.

Now, it is easier to convert an ordinary account to a professional Twitter account.

Step #1: Find the sidebar by swiping on the Home timeline or going to the profile settings.

Step #2: You can either scroll down until finding “Twitter for Professionals” in the sidebar and click it or scroll until finding “Switch to Professional” in the profile settings and click it.

Step #3: Tap “Get Started”.

Step #4: Choose a category you think your professional Twitter account is relevant to. Then click “Next”.

If you cannot find a related category directly, you can search for the closest one.

Step #5: Select either “Business” or “Creator”, then tap “Next”.

Do not forget to choose the most convenient one you think for your brand or organization.

From this step on, you have a professional Twitter account.

How to use Twitter professionally?

It is crucial to understand what kind of social media platform Twitter is, how you can use it, and its features for your business.

In other words, be aware of the native features and external tools that would make your company grow.

These tools and features can boost brand awareness of your business, engagements with the users, lead generation, and social listening.

1. Use features Twitter presents for professional goals

As mentioned above, Twitter has launched the Professional Twitter account, which is different from the regular account. You can show which profession your account is about.

Twitter users can access the details of your brand, shop your products and services, and subscribe to your updated news agenda.

Through your professional Twitter account, you can be effective on Twitter. There are a few things you can use.

  • Interact with the users on Twitter. For example, asking questions would bring engagement.
  • Most recent topics and the news that is relevant to your sector.
  • Introduce new products and services of your brand.
  • Post memes, jokes, and visuals.
  • Publish content that will ease the lives of your audience.

2. Use Twitter management tools

Even though Twitter’s native features reinforce the companies’ social media marketing, this is not enough yet.

Circleboom offers many tools to dive into the networks and mechanisms on Twitter. The products that Circleboom provides can help your brand build up-to-date social media marketing strategies.

by using Circleboom Twitter:

Look at the popular keywords that the accounts in your network use

A professional Twitter account would check words that are mostly used by your followers and friends:

Step #1: Log in to your account on Circleboom Twitter.

Then, navigate to “User Analytics”.

Step #2: Go to “Interest Cloud” under User Analytics.

You can see the words that the followers and friends of your professional Twitter account are interested in.

Hands-on video:

Look at the ideal time to post on Twitter

Circleboom Twitter prepares a graph that can be highly beneficial for your professional Twitter account.

This graph indicates the optimum time to reach your followers. In other words, you can see the statistics of the time in which your followers are online.

Step #1: Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

And then click “User Analytics” in the sidebar.

Step #2: Find the “Best Time to Tweet” part under the User Analytics section. To gain more engagement, you need to be careful about the efficient time to post from your professional Twitter account.

The larger shapes indicate the high possibility of the situation that more users would be engaged with your tweets.

Hands-on video:

Check the figures of your Twitter followers

You do not need to make calculations by hand. Circleboom Twitter offers analysis and graphs about your followers on Twitter.

Step #1: After logging in to your account on Circleboom Twitter, You can navigate to the “User Analytics” section on the sidebar.

Step #2: Click “Followers Growth” to see the follower graph.

For example, here, the graph shows the number of followers according to time. You can arrange the interval of time to see more or less detailed figures.

Or, you can click “Gender Stats” to access the data of Twitter followers according to the gender aspect.

Hands-on video:

Search your Twitter connections on Circleboom

Here you can access your Twitter follower data so that you can move according to the information of your network on Twitter.

Step #1: Go to Circleboom Twitter.

And log in to your account.

Step #2: Find the “Search” section on the sidebar.

Under the Search section, there is the”All My Followers” section. You can check your Twitter networks.

Step #3: You can use the filters to deep your search experience.

You can access verified, overactive, inactive accounts, eggheads, and fake/spam followers.

Or, you can enter a keyword in the search section.

Hands-on video:

Inquire the followers and friends of Twitter account you find insightful

Yes, it is crucial to know when and who follows your professional Twitter account. However, it is not enough to get analyses of only your own network on Twitter.

You can be inspired by the Twitter accounts of the brands in the sector similar to yours, influencers, and your company’s competitors.

Step #1: After logging in to your account on Circleboom Twitter, you can find the “Search” section in the sidebar.

Under the Search section, there is the “Account Search” part.

Step #2: Click “Account Search”.

You can search particular Twitter accounts to get the lists of the friends and followers of this particular account you searched for.

Hands-on video:

Further, by using Circleboom Publish:

Prepare your tweets in advance!

Creating content for posts and arranging the time to be published take too much time manually. It would be professional to use efficient time and energy.

Step #1: Go to “Circleboom Publish” and log in to your account.

You will see the dashboard.

Step #2: Find “Create New Post” in the sidebar.

Click it, then you arrive at the page to prepare your posts for Twitter.

Step #3: You can create content to be posted on Twitter.

Here it is possible to arrange a time for later. There are “Add to my Queue” and “Schedule it” options for this reason.

Hands-on video:

Publish RSS Feed to Twitter Automatically

It resembles the newsletter module that Twitter offers to professional accounts. If you connect the resource you want to the RSS Feed, Circleboom Publish will automatically convert it to a post published on Twitter.

Step #1: Find the “Connect RSS Feed” section in the sidebar on Circleboom Publish after logging in to your account.

Step #2: Click “Connect RSS Feed”.

You will arrive at the page to enter the information to link resources to RSS Feed.

Hands-on video:


How much do I have to pay for a professional Twitter account?

Having a Professional Twitter account is a free feature. You do not have to pay for it.

Can I change my professional Twitter account back to the standard account?

Whenever you want, it is possible to switch to a personal account. You can change the status of your account by following the steps below:

Step #1: Navigate your profile and tap “Edit Profile”.

Step #2: Click “Edit Professional Profile”.

Step #3: Choose “Switch Account Type”.

Step #4: Choose what kind of account you want to become from the menu.

Is it possible to sign up as a professional Twitter account?

Unfortunately, you can have a professional account only by transforming your standard personal account into the professional one.

To Wrap Up

Twitter has launched an opportunity for using Twitter for professional development. If you want to do business or work, you will have a good professional profile in which the contact information, shopping section, and newsletter part appear.

You can introduce your brand better and communicate with the audience efficiently.

The products of Circleboom can be highly beneficial in building such a professional account. You can spare time and effort and develop robust social media strategies for the platform of Twitter.

Originally published at on January 4, 2022.




Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

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Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

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