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4 min readJan 4, 2020

Twitter is one of the best places online to get acquainted with everything that’s happening around the world. The news accounts on Twitter share the latest world updates that anybody interested would like to know. Following these news accounts on Twitter is creating your own news timeline without any extra effort.

While Twitter is amazing when it comes to getting updated with the latest news, it can also be quite difficult to know which sources to trust. Hence, it would be best to follow credible news accounts so you only follow real news and not get victimized by fake news on Twitter.

In this article, we are listing some of the most-followed, most-renowned, most-trustworthy news accounts on Twitter that anybody can follow. Please note that all the news accounts listed below are authentic and have been listed in a decreasing number of Twitter followers.

The New York Times

Twitter handle: @nytimes

Number of Twitter followers: 44.6 M

The New York Times is an American newspaper with its real and Twitter influence spread worldwide. Their Twitter account covers political news from around the world along with other important headlines. For anyone interested in policial news, this is a must-follow Twitter news account.


Twitter handle: @CNN

Number of Twitter followers: 43.8M

CNN is an America news-based channel that is the second most followed news account on Twitter next to The New York Times. CNN’s Twitter account is a must-follow for everyone who wants to follow Twitter accounts that cover all the breaking news. Their Twitter account also covers political, sports, and every day news articles.

BBC News

Twitter handle: @BBCWorld

Number of Twitter followers: 26.3 M

The BBC is a British public service broadcaster with headquarters in London. Their world Twitter accounts covers their worldwide news while they also have separate Twitter accounts for their breaking news (BBCBreaking), sports (BBCSports), and more. Their Twitter account has a mix of articles, videos, and live news updates for complete information.

The Wall Street Journal

Twitter handle: @WSJ

Number of Twitter followers: 17.1

The Wall Street Journal is a US-based newspaper with primary focus on business news. Their Twitter account covers news related to trade treaties, businesses, stock markets, trade deals, entertainment, politics, and opinion articles.

The Washington Post

Twitter handle: @washingtonpost

Number of Twitter followers: 14.5 M

Another major American newspaper on the list, The Washington Post is another must-follow news account on Twitter. The majority of their Twitter posts are analysis, perspectives, and opinions giving you detailed limelight on news around the world. Follow them to learn better!


Twitter handle: @HuffPost

Number of Twitter followers: 11.5M

HuffPost is an American news website that was launched in 2005 and is ranked as no.1 political site. Their Twitter account contains articles that are mostly political and in parts, entertainment, business, environment, technology, and more! Follow them to fill your Twitter feed with some of the best opinion articles on the web.

The Guardian:

Twitter handle: @guardian

Number of Twitter followers: 8.2M

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper that was founded in 1821. Their Twiter account has some amazing opinion articles on politics, sports, entertainment, and business. They also have many news pieces centered around the UK making it a must-follow account for those interested in the UK news and political news, in general.

Financial Times

Twitter handle: @FT

Number of Twitter followers: 3.8M

The Financial Times is the best newspaper on anything financial headquartered in London. Learn everything about investments, deals, corporates, and businesses with Financial Times. Their Twitter account is a must-follow for everyone inclined towards financial and business news.

Final Words:

So, these are some of the tops news accounts to follow on Twitter. If you have some other interesting news accounts to share, please share them in the comments below.

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