7 Top Trending Hashtags and Twitter Trends Ruling in 2019

4 min readFeb 13, 2019


As one of the widely used social media platform on the internet, Twitter’s potential for expanding your business or website’s audience is hard to deny. With its massive audience potential, I’m sure you would want to build their way through by following the Twitter Trends going on with cool, smart and trending hashtags and creative profiles.

Twitter happens in real time and therefore it is really important to know what your audience is talking about. Following the right Twitter trends in the key, provided you understand your audience and give them what they really want.

“When individuals used a hashtag within their tweet, engagement can increase as much as 100%; brands could get an increase of 50%. The reason for this is because a hashtag immediately expands the reach of your tweet beyond just those who follow you, to reach anyone interested in that hashtag phrase or keyword.”

-Steve Cooper, Forbes.Com

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Let’s take a look at few Trending Hashtags that created a huge buzz on social media:


One can easily guess that ‘Vegan’ is the number one trend on Twitter in January 2019. There are nearly 20 million Tweets around Veganism in 2018 and in this new year, new me time, more than 70% people have talked about Veganism according to a consumer agency wearetheromans.com. ‘Veganuary’ saw more than 200,000 global users have the word vegan or plant based on their Twitter bio.

Heard about Recurring Twitter Hashtags? I’m sure you must’ve.


#MotivationMonday is like a kick to the brain to get up and start doing. It is like a subtle reminder that Sunday is over and now it is time to #work.


#TravelTuesday is for travel lovers, for the ones who wants to share exciting travel tips and awestrucking places to visit.


Women Crush Wednesday is used in honour of women. Whenever you come across a female role model you would want to share with the world, use #WCW and mention (@) her name. Reflect your brand’s value by giving these females a tribute.


TBT or Throwback Thursday is an amazing idea of sharing your lovely memories with the people as a ‘throwback’ and reliving those moments. Use #TBT for sharing your company’s milestones, achievements, personal experiences, etc., and engage your audience through nostalgia.


Outfit Of The Day or #OOTD has been trending on Twitter since a long time now and is still used. Crazily used by the age group of 16–24, this hashtag serves the purpose of people posting pictures of themselves flaunting their clothes and style on social media platform. #OOTD has helped millions of designers, upcoming designers, bloggers, influencers, superstars in attracting viewers based on their style statement.


To be Honest, acronym of #TBH, used for encouraging online users to express honestly how they feel about a person or an idea they post. Use this hashtag to know more about your Page, Business or anything that you’re trying to do on Twitter and see what the world has to say.

Final thoughts:

Hashtags have managed to carve a niche of their own in the popular social media culture. Create your own niche with hashtags allow it to become a part of wide array of other relevant posts with all the same category, industry or topic.

If you want to find accounts related to your hashtag or niche, then you must learn more about Circleboom’s hashtag search. If you’ve any questions or any trending hashtags to share, please let me know in the comments below.

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