7 Funny People on Twitter to Follow in 2022

5 min readDec 17, 2018

Humor can truly be one of our best survival tools. If you’re looking for those funny people on Twitter that can make your 2022 merrier and happier, this list is all you need. Twitter doesn’t have to be a serious place all time.

With my continuous attempts to make Twitter easier, cleaner, and better for you, I have made a list of funny Twitter accounts that you should be following. These funny people on Twitter will also make Twitter a more interesting place for you and you will definitely never regret following them.

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Here goes my list of 7 funny people on Twitter:

Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK)

Funny Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2022

A parody Twitter account of the Queen herself, this is the funniest Twitter account you can follow if you enjoy political jokes. Be it Brexit or President Trump or any UK political issue, this page has everything covered.

Satire and sarcasm at its best, this Twitter account has almost 1.6M Twitter followers with 0 followings. Apart from this Twitter account, the page also has a merchandise store with t-shirts and bags that will fit you in royalty in their own humorous style.

Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings)

Funny Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

Here’s the perfect Twitter page for all the dog lovers. As the name suggests, this page has tweets depicting the thoughts of a dog in a way you would imagine them saying it.

The tweets are not just funny, they are also insanely cute and make you happy every time you read them. This is a must-follow Twitter account in 2021 for you if you’re a dog lover.

Megan Amram (@meganamram)

Funny Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

Megan Amram became popular via Twitter and is now an Emmy-nominated American comedy writer with more than 1.1M Twitter followers. She has quite a hilarious Twitter account and certainly makes it to the list of funny people on Twitter for me.

Darth Vader (@darthvader)

Funny Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

A parody account of your favorite Jedi from the Star Wars, Darth Vader is a popular Twitter account for all Star Wars fans. The page is filled with jokes and comments that would make you laugh like crazy. One of my favorite tweets was: “You don’t need 280 characters. Just one. Me.”

Jonny Sun (@jonnysun)

Funny Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

Jonny Sun is a Canadian novelist and illustrator who goes by the moniker Jomny Sun. He is a Ph.D. candidate in urban studies and planning at MIT and the author of the 2017 illustrated novel ‘Everyone’s an aliebn when ur aliebn too’.

Sun published Gmorning, Gnite!, a collaboration with writer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda in which he served as an illustrator, in 2018, and Goodbye, Again, an essay collection, in 2020. Sun has contributed to the television sitcom BoJack Horseman as a writer.

bored.eth (@boredelonmusk)

Funny Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

bored.eth is a parody Twitter account that produces really hilarious content about ‘interesting’ investments, productions, and ideas of Elon Musk.

This account has more than 1.5 million followers. One of them is former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

So Sad Today (@sosadtoday)

So Sad Today Twitter account covers topics like depression, romance, anxieties in the form of dark humor. The page has more than 759k followers and has been increasing ever since. With tweets filled with self-love and self-loathing, this is an account that you got to follow in 2021.

How to find more Funny Twitter Accounts?

The above-mentioned Twitter accounts are some really funny people on Twitter and you should follow them and check if you really enjoy their content.

If you want to create your own list of funny people on Twitter, you can use Circleboom’s Smart Search tool to find Twitter accounts as per your requirement. You can shortlist accounts based on their location, minimum/maximum followers, and the number of tweets. Circleboom’s grid search also helps you in customizing your search result by getting results for the exact query that you are looking for.

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