7 Best Twitter accounts you need to follow in 2019

4 min readOct 20, 2018

Twitter is a big medium to receive the latest updates, news, and information. Following some best Twitter accounts would help you stay in the loop with the current improvements and measures.

In our latest edition, the Circleboom team has made a list of some of our favorite Twitter accounts. These Twitter accounts are popular, funny, sarcastic, and informative. They are some of the best Twitter Kinaccounts to be followed in 2019.

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Here goes our list of 7 Best Twitter Accounts to be followed in 2019:

The Economist is a source of your genuine news on politics, entertainment, and technology. They have everything covered and you will always stay up to date with everything that matters to you.

As they write on some of the most popular topics, sharing their tweets will also boost your Twitter profile.

So, follow them quickly and stay informed!

Gary is popular as the chairman of VaynerX and CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia. He simply moves marketing budgets of Fortune 500 companies to social media marketing.

There’s so much that you can learn about entrepreneurship and social media marketing by following him. Follow and know more!

Funny or Die by Will Ferrel is a must follow page on Twitter. From the funniest memes to the craziest celeb news, they have it all.

Participate in their funny polls and engage in their hilarious tweets the coming year to make your 2019 more interesting.

  • BBC Travel Show (@BBCTravelShow)

BBC Travel Show is an amazing Twitter page to get all travel updates. With the craze of Instagram and traveling, having a travel page on your Twitter account is going to give you valuable tips.

As BBC covers unique travel stories and experiences, you’re bound to get some interesting travel content. So, follow them and check out their page.

A unique Twitter profile with videos of friends talking about games, movies, and all the pop culture things! They are quite interesting and definitely worth your time.

So, go ahead and check their profile for all things games!

Guy Kawasaki is the brand ambassador of Mercedes Benz. He’s also the keynote speaker of Audi, Apple, Nike, and Microsoft among others.

He’s also a New York Times bestsellers. His Twitter profile has invaluable podcasts, business tweets, and important marketing tips and information.

Follow him on Twitter to learn more about him, his work, and his ideas.

Want to be more financially smart and secure in 2019? Follow HerMoney for all things financial.

Get important financial and investing tips to know what’s best. They also talk about managing day-to-day expenses like traveling and childcare, so they are quite informative.

This is our favorite list of best Twitter accounts that you must follow in 2019. What do you think about them?

You can also use Circleboom’s smart search feature to find more Twitter profiles that you can follow.

If you have any Twitter-related concerns or questions, just write your comment below! We will be happy to help!

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