50+ Funniest Instagram comments will make you burst into a laugh!

Funny Instagram Comments For Girls

  • You’re stunning. Do you have a tendency to sweat glitter?
  • Like a giraffe, I’m sure you were born amazing.
  • What’s your today’s magazine cover?
  • You appear to be the solution to all of my issues.
  • I see you in my future, thus you must be a time traveler.
  • You have the same voice as John Legend.
  • You have the potential to be the next Miss World.
  • The idea is to have a good time with you, and I enjoy making people laugh at their cost.
  • All I need in my life is you and reliable Wi-Fi.
  • If beauty had the power to kill…
  • I wish I had hair like yours.
  • Is it okay if I borrow your make-up?
  • Instagram filters are nothing compared to you.
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  • Your demand may increase in the future.
  • It’s like a nap for us; there’s never enough of it.
  • Introducing the world’s most gorgeous woman.
  • Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.
  • You appear to be someone I can trust with my passwords.
  • Is it true that you’re a broom? You’ve really swept me off my feet.

Funny Instagram Comments For Boys

  • Of course, I speak in a bumbling manner. How else would you be able to comprehend what I’m saying?
  • I gave up as soon as the alphabet chose to become entangled with maths!
  • Tonight, let’s order pizza.
  • It takes me around three days to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Don’t be fooled by my lack of interest. On a cellular level, I’m pretty busy.
  • I would say something interesting, but I see I’ve already piqued your interest.
  • Whether or not you acknowledge it, my friend continues to rock.
  • We’ll probably stay pals forever because we’re both too lazy to make new friends.
  • Am I talking to Ryan Reynolds?
  • Before meeting me, you must explain who I am to your other pals.
  • Food is provided by friends. Your meal is eaten by your best pals.
  • That smile, oh my god, it’s so dangerous.
  • Who is that dashing devil? Oh, I forgot to click on my profile.
  • Never tell people how strange you are until it’s too late for them to back out.
  • First comment!
  • A motivational quote can never be too late.
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  • If you remember your ex
  • A cross between a lunge and a crunch is my favorite exercise. Lunch is what I call it.

Best Instagram Comments For Best Friends

  • To my Veronica, you are the only Betty.
  • Because you’re a rock star, I’m sending this selfie to NASA.
  • I’m tempted to steal your wardrobe because of you. PS: Can I borrow that top?
  • My counsel to everyone in the photo is to never lose sight of me.
  • Shakespeare, I suppose, once remarked that friends who slay together stay together.
  • The world’s best best friend has been claimed. #SorryNotSorry.
  • Next time we have a girls’ night out, please do my makeup.
  • If any pic ever deserved a ‘Yasss, queen!,’ it’s this one. Queen, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
  • Since the Yucatan meteorite, you’ve been the hottest thing in the world.
  • Until we’re old and senile, we’ll always be buddies.
  • Can we have breakfast again this weekend, please?
  • Isn’t it strange how we get older every year, but you still manage to be the cutest person on the planet?
  • I’m not sure if you know, but my best friend works as a model. #HumbleBrag
  • True friends last a lifetime, whereas friends come and go like a stain on your skin.
  • Every tall girl requires the company of a short best friend.
  • People are similar to Oreo cookies. On the inside, there’s a lot of nice stuff.
  • I’m not sure which is tighter: our friendship or our jeans.
  • We shore know how to ride the waves throughout the day
  • We’ll be the nursing home’s old ladies wreaking havoc.

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Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network