5 Steps to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram!

Creating an Instagram account is only the first and simplest step for a profile and audience-building journey. It can be challenging and frustrating for many to find new accounts on Instagram.

If you are already a Facebook user and know how to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram, you don’t need to start from scratch.

Facebook and Instagram are sibling corporations under the company, Meta, after the brand name switch on October 28, 2021. This makes these two products so interconnected that activities like adding links to Facebook stories through Instagram or finding Facebook friends on Instagram are possible with some easy steps.

How to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram through the app?

Regardless of Android or iOS, all Instagram users can connect their Facebook accounts to their Instagram app and then follow Facebook friends on Instagram. Unfortunately, it is not possible to automatically connect Facebook friends on Instagram. There are some easy steps to fulfill.

Step #1: Open your Instagram app on your device.

Tap on your profile and click on the three horizontal bars setting menu at the top-right corner of the page.

Step #2: A drop-up list will be displayed.

Tap on ‘Discover People’.

Step #3: A pop-up window will appear and ask for permission to allow contact access.

Press on ‘Allow access’.

Step #4: At the top of the new screen, you will see the option ‘Connect to Facebook’.

Press on ‘Connect’. You will be directed to your Facebook account.

Step #5: Return to your Instagram account and again click on the three-lines menu and ‘Discover People’ afterward.

Your Facebook friends who have an Instagram account will appear as suggestions on the new screen. You can click on ‘Follow’ and add them to your followings on Instagram.

How to follow your Facebook Friends on Instagram through PC

You may want to connect your Facebook friends on Instagram by using your computer. It is again an easy process and here are the steps to follow;

Step #1: Open your browser on your PC.

Then, go to Instagram.

Step #2: First, log into your Instagram account.

Tap the small profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen. A menu will appear, and select ‘Settings’.

Step #3: There is a menu on the left side.

Select ‘Manage Contacts’ and find your Facebook friends and other contacts.

Why can’t you follow Facebook Friends on Instagram?

Sometimes Instagram users report that they can’t follow their Facebook friends on Instagram.

The reasons for this to happen could be:

  1. Simply your Facebook friends aren’t on Instagram.
  2. Your Instagram and Facebook accounts are connected yet.
  3. An error occurred inside your Instagram account.
  4. You may have followed many people recently, and Instagram implemented an action-block on your account.

How to Fix These Problems?

Step #1: The best you can do is invite your Facebook friends to use Instagram.

Step #2: If there is no connection between your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can’t get your Facebook friends on Instagram.

You can connect two accounts by following the necessary steps.

Step #3: The reason for not finding your Facebook friends on Instagram can sometimes be an Instagram bug.

If you experienced such a thing, you could report the issue to Instagram.

Step #4: If you have an action block on your Instagram account, all you can do is wait.

Instagram sends an action-blocked message, and your account is generally blocked temporarily because of some ‘spammy’ actions. You can type of action blocks and duration lengths here.

Pro Tip: How to create authentic Instagram content that makes your Instagram Friends follow you back?

Adding your Facebook friends on Instagram is only one side of the business. You need to make them follow you back! Also, you need to reach more people than your contacts and create Instagram content that attracts people to follow your Instagram account.

The easiest way to design content and manage your Instagram account(s) is to take professional assistance. Circleboom Publish is a social media management tool that helps you create original content with the amazing design options it offers.

Here are simple steps to use Circleboom Publish and create Instagram content that pleases your current followers and enables you to reach a wider audience.

Step #1: Open Circleboom Publish on your browser and log in.

If you don’t have an account, you can create one in a few seconds!

Step #2: You can start by connecting your Instagram account(s) to your Circleboom account.

You can also manage your Twitter, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Company Page, Google Business Profile, and Pinterest (soon) accounts along with your Instagram accounts on Circleboom.

Step #3: Your Instagram account(s) will be connected after authorization.

Then, you should press on ‘Create New Post’ on the left menu.

Step #4: And, a new post-creation screen appears.

Click to see your connected social media accounts.

Select the social media account(s) you want to create and send posts.

Step #5: Produce your post as text or images. You can design images with add-on tools such as Canva.

Once you select your social media account and Canva, you need to choose the post type.

On Canva, you can use many templates, photos, elements, and filters as you wish. So, you can easily design your social media posts with Canva on Circleboom Publish.

Step #6: You can send your content immediately by just clicking on ‘Post’.

Or, if you want to deliver your content later in your head, you can ‘Schedule’ it for a planned time.

Final Words

Following Facebook friends on Instagram would be a good starter to grow an Instagram audience. Both on mobile and desktop devices, it is an easy process when the required steps are correctly followed.

Facebook friends on Instagram would never be enough for an avid Instagram user. Organized content management is the key to reaching a wider audience. Circleboom Publish is here to meet this need at affordable prices.


Originally published at https://blog.circleboom.com on January 12, 2022.




Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

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Boom your social circle! Circleboom is a “Social Media Management” tool which enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social network

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