30+ funny Twitter quotes you can tweet right away

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Posting funny Twitter quotes is a common thing on Twitter when you want to share engaging content with your followers. A pinch of humor never harms, and who knows, might help you even get some new followers.

We have collated some cool and funny Twitter quotes that are perfect for any and every Twitter account. Feel free to edit them to make it more suitable to your situation or account.

Funny Twitter Quotes:

  • Wish there was a way to pause adulting and lower the difficulty level.
  • The whole “having a job” is getting in the way of “living my best life.”
  • You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. For example: toilet paper.
  • Someday I will solve my problems with critical reasoning. But today, I will solve it with chocolate.
  • My summer body wasn’t ready but my winter body is ahead of schedule.
  • Maybe she’s crazy, maybe she just needs carbs.
  • I want to live in a world where searching for plane tickets burns calories.
  • My book club only reads wine labels.
  • Leaving your house without earphones can ruin your entire day.
  • Boys don’t mature. They just graduate from Xbox to golf.
  • I am a person who wants to do a lot of things trapped in a body of a person who wants to sleep a lot.
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails.
  • You may not be my cup of tea but you’re totally my 10th shot of tequila.
  • If you wanna impress me with your car, it better be a food truck.
  • I think I might have seized the wrong day.
  • Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably shit.
  • Alexa, skip to 2021.
  • My favorite sport is tracking my online orders.
  • If by clubbing, you mean, eating club sandwiches, then yes, I like clubbing.
  • I meant to behave but there were too many other options.
  • Better late than ever.
  • As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially viable to dispense it.
  • The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.
  • Do twins ever realize that one of them was unplanned.
  • Spell your crush’s name backwards, mine is yenom.
  • Do you flee Twitter after you post something or are you normal?
  • I just hate how I lose all my energy converting oxygen to carbon-di-oxide.
  • It’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.
  • Weird that in 10 years, some of us would be married with kids, some of us would be millionaires, and some of us dead.
  • I’m so athletic, I surf the internet.
  • Just by seeing how some people wear masks, I completely understand how contraception fails.
  • If you think about it, a human came from a human, because a human came in a human.
  • My mom never says no, she just stares at me till I walk away.

Final Words:

We hope you liked the funny Twitter quotes we shared above. You can use them when you’re out of content and make your Twitter profile interesting. You might also be interested in some of our other articles below:

Originally published at https://blog.circleboom.com on August 11, 2020.

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