15 Insanely Funniest Celebrities on Twitter to Follow

Take a break from your normal monotonous life and add a bit of humor to your feed of Anna Kendrick-stalking and Kristen Bell-idolising follow lists. Whether you’re only just joining the Twitter revolution, or you’re simply looking to spruce up your feeds, these are the funniest celebrities on Twitter that you need to follow.

To add onto your selection of following, I would highly recommend you to enhance your Twitter list with some witty, caustic, punning and gag-smithing ways by following these funniest celebrities on Twitter:

Anna Kendrick @ AnnaKendrick47

If you are a big fan of Hollywood movies, then the name Anna Kendrick needs no introduction. If you, however, are, one of her millions of Twitter followers, then you will know she is the queen of wit and wicked sense of humor.

Ryan Reynolds @ VancityReynolds

Parenting requires a sense of humor and bonus points to Ryan Reynolds,for keeping it real. He often uses Twitter jokes to teach valuable, yet dark, parenting lessons.

Ye @ Kanyewest

Kanye’s Twitter feed is a buffet of gold. From laughing with him to laughing at him, he is far from an internet-breaking rant or a one-liner.

Danny Dyer @ MrDDyer

Danny Dyer’s Twitter genius is twofold. As well as filling our feeds with endless cockney joy, the EastEnders star has an unrivalled ability to handle gobby Twitter trolls.

Donald Trump @ realDonaldTrump

Even though some posts make you bite your nails and cringe your teeth, Trump never fails to Trump the world and Twitter. I will be wrong if I say his posts are not hilarious.

Cher @ cher

The pop star hits all the right notes. She bashes Trump with her witty and beautiful innocence and her Twitter Feed looks like she’s been teaching her grandma how to access emojis.

Richard K Herring @ Herring1967

This comedian has nailed the art of not just a humorous comedian but a humorous Twitter Comedian too. He buzzes the world especially all day on International Women’s day, poking all the men about equal rights for a men’s day too.

James Blunt @ JamesBlunt

He might not be on the top everyone’s list of a favorite musician, but he surely has humorous humility that’s actually transformed the crooner into one of the funniest celebs on Twitter.

Rob Delaney @ Robdelaney

Catastrophe star Delaney plays the field of 140-character humor and bosses the Twitter game. He throws in one-liners to cut-off political tweets, he has baggage of Twitter ticklers so do follow.

Kath @ KathyBurke

Burke’s comedy is rough and tough. With a flavor of 90’s comedy wins, Kathy shows that not all actresses live a glamorous lifestyle.

Kat Dennings @ Official Kat

2 Broke Girls would have been way funnier if the writers used Kat Denning’s Tweets for the show.

The Ellen Show @TheEllenShow

If you watch the famous Ellen Show, you will know that her feed is full with her same clean jokes and YouTube Videos that feature on her show minus the awkward dancing.

Christine Teigen @chrisyteigen

She is gorgeous and so is her Twitter feed. She has shown that chicks who pose for a living can be funny too.

Kristen Schaal @ Kristenschaaled

Schaal’s Twitter feed represents her future “GOLD”. She is currently voicing Mabel in Gravity Falls and Louise in Bob’s Burgers, so it’s easy to hear Schaal’s voice while scrolling through her tweets.

Kristen bell @ IMKristenBell

Just like her sass and class in all her crazy movies, Kristen doesn’t disappoint her fans on Twitter. She is a pro and as given us one of the greatest moments of Internet Histories: her extremely emotional response to a sloth showing up to her birthday party.

Final Words:

Wll, use Circlebloom’s Twitter Follow Tool to help you find your favorite funny celebrities based on your interests.

Jokes and Sarcasm are a fun way to share information and say things loud out to the world without hurting people’s intention. Use it, Savage it, and increase your following too by taking inspiration from these funny celebrities to the maximum.

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Originally published at blog.circleboom.com on April 10, 2019.

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