10 Genius Healthcare Marketing Tips to Grow your Clinic

Doctors tell patients all the time that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. Patients are in search of better doctors all the time. In the age of smartphones and global network, it doesn’t take much for one to find about anything in this world. In this article, I will share some amazing healthcare marketing tips that will help you boost the number of patients visiting your clinic.

89% of customers turn immediately to an online search engine when they’re looking to solve their healthcare queries. In just five minutes I can get names, numbers, rankings, rewards and reviews about a plethora of clinics, hospitals, healthcare centres all over the world.

To make your Healthcare facility visible, and easily available to patients, plan your strategies likewise.

It’s better to have a strategy in place now. Here are my top 10 healthcare marketing tips that you need to focus on immediately:

TREND #1: Website Design with Patients (and patient portals) in mind

TREND #2: Hyper-targeted Healthcare SEO

The local pack and organic search results are the two places you will have to rank well. This is an important aspect of healthcare marketing online and you should take it seriously.

TREND #3: Utilize PPC and display ads

Pay-per-click advertisements are laser-targeted to appear first for a set of search terms. You need to have a clear idea of Return on Investment on the set budget for these advertisements.

TREND #4: Build Doctor Referrals

TREND #5: Emergency Keywords

TREND #6: Video Marketing for Healthcare

To improve your healthcare marketing conversion, create impressive videos featuring your technology, expertise, and services.

TREND #7: Personalized Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

You can use tools like Mailchimp to enable email automation and make sure that you get back to your patients with the correct responses when you get time.

TREND #8: Patient Reviews

TREND #9: New norm of Automated phone messages

TREND #10: Promote on Twitter lines

Use Circlebloom for such activities to see phenomenal growth returns of your healthcare facility. You can also track your followers, schedule tweets and analyse your Twitter performance on Circlebloom.

Final Words:

If you have any questions regarding the healthcare marketing tips discussed above, please let me know in the comments below.

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Originally published at blog.circleboom.com on March 4, 2019.

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